Another week, another campaign to reverse the Brexit result

A fresh bid to overturn Brexit, this time on a legal technicality, has been launched by Best for Britain.

They claim a loophole in the Prime Minister’s Brexit tactics means that she will be legally obliged to offer a second vote.

The new challenge centres on claims that existing legislation guarantees a new referendum if Mrs May pushes ahead with plans for the UK to remain part of some EU bodies such as the European Medicines Agency.

Best For Britain says that effectively amounts to a transfer of powers to Brussels which – under the 2011 European Union Act – would trigger a referendum

“This is not about Leave or Remain. It’s about making a democratic choice according to our constitution, given that many are worried about Brexit,” said Best for Britain CEO Eloise Todd.

Government sources told the Mail on Sunday that the legal challenge was “nonsensical”, adding that the current EU Withdrawal Bill in Parliament revoked the 2011 legislation.