Contrary to reports, the UK is still on course to leave the EU in 2020

Britain will leave the EU in 2020, dismissing reports the UK was set to ask the EU for an extension to the agreed two year transition period.

The government said on Tuesday it would publish detailed plans for its future relationship with the European Union next month.

“Not only are we not asking for a longer transition period but the EU has always been very clear that you can’t use Article 50 to talk about the long-term future relationship,” Lidington told the BBC when asked about the White Paper.

“There is a withdrawal agreement that talks about a period up until the end of 2020, then what we will be seeking to have agreed in clear outline …. over the ensuing period is the big treaty that sets the terms of the future relationship.”

The government will resume talks with the EU in June, focusing on freedom of movement and the Irish border.