The EU is gearing up for a no deal over Brexit

Brussels could force Britons to buy £50 visas to travel in Europe after Brexit, draft plans handed to MEPs have revealed today.

The proposal is contained in a dossier of potential changes to EU laws being drawn up by the European Commission, run by Jean-Claude Juncker, to prepare for Brexit.

The Brussels list makes provision for Britain to be put on either the ‘visa required’ or the ‘visa free’ list once it is no longer an EU member.

If Britain is ruled to be a nation where people need visas, travellers to the continent could have to pay more than £50 for the right paperwork.

Last month Brussels unveiled separate plans to charge £7 administration fees for travellers into the EU – a fee seen as likely to hit Britain whatever the final deal on visas.

The list has been drawn up by Martin Selmayr, the powerful aide to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The EU could also decide that UK nationals should be exempt from visa requirement ‘for stays of no more than 90 days in any 180-day period.’

The final version is likely to be bound up in talks on the planned UK-EU trade deal.

Countries like Ukraine have deals with the EU to waive visa fees running to more than £50.

If Brexit talks collapse and there is no deal, Britain is likely to end up as a visa-required nation.

Any visa would be applicable across the EU free movement zone and not for each member state.