The Chequers proposal is ‘dead’ according to Barnier.

Barnier, during a ‘frank and open’ conversation with the Brexit select Committee, informed the MPs present that the UK should ditch the current plan, and instead focus on reaching a free trade deal similar to what the EU and Canada has in place.

The proposal is favoured by the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

John Whittingdale, a Tory member of the Brexit select committee, told LBC :”What he did come forward with was an alternative which he was working on – which was based upon a free trade agreement such as the one signed with Canada, but with the agreement that we would continue to cooperate on security matters and a mutual recognition of standards.”

Whittingdale explained Barnier excluded the Chequers plan out of hand, because it threatened the core values of the union and would never be accepted by the remaining 27 member states.

Whittingdale added: “the Chequers option outside of the members of government appears to have very few friends.”

When asked if the Chequers plan was dead,¬†Whittingdale replied, ”from what I’ve heard today, yes.”