The European Union’s determination to punish the UK for deciding to leave is once again rearing its ugly head as it appears they have rejected British proposals for avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland in a move that will make extraction from the customs union more difficult.

Senior EU officials are alleged to have forensically rebutted British plans to avoid a hard border with Northern Ireland in a meeting that took place earlier this week. The EU has apparently told the UK that a hard border is completely unavoidable, which sends Whitehall back to the drawing board.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May set out her plan to leave the customs union in a speech at Mansion House last month and this compliments policy papers which completely reject the need for a hard border.

Maintaining the Good Friday Agreement is of vital importance to the United Kingdom and the European Union has played impractical and inflexible politics with stability of the UK.

This follows the British Government’s first defeat in the House of Lords over the EU Withdrawal Bill. The unelected peers voted earlier this week for an amendment that favours Britain staying in the Customs Union, despite the fact that this would not allow Britain the freedom in trade and regulations that formed a large factor in the Brexit vote.

What can be deduced from all of this is that the British Government is consistently facing hurdles and punishments for acting on behalf of the British people.

According to the the EU, Britain committed the biggest crime of all when 17.4 million Britons voted in June 2016 to leave the European Union. Although many people did not expect the vote to go the way it did, the reality is that the British Government received an instruction from the British people and has the responsibility to act upon that instruction.

The punishment for this vote is for unelected officials to place as many obstacles as possible that don’t allow it to go forward. These unelected officials are here to say to 17.4 million others, “we know better.”

The House of Lords cannot reasonably presume that remaining in the customs union is respecting the Brexit vote. Britain would still be under the arm of the European Union, unable to form its own standards, create its own trade deals and would still be bound to the powers that be in Brussels. In other words what would have been the point of the Brexit vote in the first place?

But the European Union has done nothing but punish Britain ever since the vote. The punishment for these citizens voting to leave, according to the EU, is to completely break-up the United Kingdom and rescind an agreement that ended hundreds of years of historical unrest.

The European Union should be ashamed of itself; it should be trying to make this process as smooth as possible and should be working to ensure an agreement like the Good Friday Agreement, which creates stability and peace, should be upheld.

They must stop trying to punish the British Government and must try and listen to understand why this is so vital.