British household appliance manufacturer Dyson have been won a legal battle over the way that the energy efficiency on vacuum cleaners is labelled, successfully reversing EU regulation.

The long-running case has consistently been drawn to attention as an example of EU pettiness – another directive that is unhelpfully imposed upon British industry by decision makers in Brussels.

The EU law attempted to restrict the levels of noise and heat suction produced by vacuum cleaners, but Dyson argued that these tests on energy efficiency discriminated against their bag-less products. The billionaire suggested that such regulation favoured European products and did not reflect the actual conditions of use. Similarly, the legislation is to the detriment of UK households who are misled and forced to use worse products.

News that the EU General Court in Luxembourg has ruled in favour of Dyson, repealing the regulation, will be received well. A spokesperson for Dyson said, “The legal process has been long, distracting and expensive, with the odds stacked against us…This is welcome news and a win for consumers across Europe.”

This development is a reminder to UK business that a departure from the EU will restore control over economic competition and regulation. Under the current arrangements, businesses in the UK economy have been restrained and damaged by stifling EU legislation, in areas such as VAT and health & safety assessments. Now, there are promising signs that the UK’s ability to structure policy independently will see businesses begin to thrive.