In a bid to get down with the youth, the EU has launched an £8 million campaign aiming to highlight the union’s importance to their futures.

The central message of the campaign will be to: ”show how the EU gives every person the power to do what they love,” according to EU documents.

Five videos, shown across the continent, will be shown across the continent this summer; aiming at 17-34-year-olds.

In one of the films a young girl gets lost in a forest, only to be escorted home by a brown bear.

In another a “loner” uses EU funded internet access at his remote Polish home to order products with the aim of chatting up a delivery girl.

A third video shows how a young man uses his love of dance to set up a business teaching OAPs in a care home.

She said: “The main purpose is to inform about the many opportunities the EU offers as well as to motivate young people to discuss and share their own ideas on Europe its values and its future.

“This amounts to two cents per citizen for a campaign that informs them of their rights and benefits of which unfortunately the majority are currently unaware”.