May’s approach is not going down well in Brussels

An EU diplomat savaged Theresa May’s Brexit stance – accusing her of coming up with a plan that is stuck in the Victorian age.

The official said the PM is so indecisive that it is easier to negotiate with Donald Trump.

In a brutal attack on Mrs May’s Chequers plan, the ambassador of an EU country said the Prime Minister has come up with a plan which is ‘very nostalgic’.

The unnamed diplomat told The Sun said the Brussels  bloc has found it incredibly  difficult to negotiate with Mrs May because she is ‘irrational’.

The blistering put-down comes amid growing fears that Britain will crash out of the bloc without a deal.

UK ministers have said that stubborn Eurocrats are risking a no deal Brexit because they are refusing to compromise and respond to Britain’s plans.

But the ambassador laid the blame with the UK, saying that Mrs May’s Brexit plan – which sticks to EU rules on goods but not services – harks back to the 19th Century.

They said: ‘It creates a world as if one trades goods which are packaged in cartons, but this is the 21st Century.

‘It’s a very 19th Century way of looking at trade which might appeal to the British public, but we’ve moved on two centuries.’

The senior figure added: ‘If this had been a rational discussion like we have with Trump on cars, what’s underneath is rational.

‘With the UK from the start this has not been a rational negotiation, that’s what makes it so difficult.

‘Rationally the chance of a cliff-edge should be zero percent.”