As individual European nations continue to digest the fallout from May’s Chequers plan, the EU is planning on ‘stringing the UK along’ as the next stage of talks begins.

According to Times EU reporter Bruno Waterfield, the EU is sceptical over May’s deal and is hoping to capitalise on its uncertaintites to drive a harder bargain in favour of the EU.

Waterfield said: ”Divisions among European governments over to respond to white paper – over what degree to be negative – while EU negotiators are pessimistic her gamble will be any sort breakthrough.

”No one sees this as a real landing zone apart from the British, is the view EU priority will be Ireland and getting the withdrawal agreement over the line for this autumn

EU’s strategy will be to fudge a separate political deal on the future relationship, using elements of the white paper.”

Waterfield also stated that an agreement could soon be in place to extend the transition period, as the UK struggles for a Brexit policy that is both workable and agreed upon by the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit.