President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has barely been able to contain his delight at the news that the both the British Foreign Secretary and Brexit Secretary have resigned.

The President of the European Commission said on Monday the resignation of the British Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson showed the “unity” of the UK government.

Speaking after the 20th summit between the European Union and Ukraine, Jean-Claude Juncker said Mr Johnson’s resignation: “clearly proves that at Chequers there was a . . . unity of views in the British cabinet.”

Mr Tusk also vented similar frustrations, insisting politicians come and go but the British people must face the consequences of the decision they made in June 2016.

The Council President told reporters: “Politicians come and go but the problems they’ve created for their people remain.

“The mess caused by Brexit is the biggest problem in the history of UK-EU relations and it is still very far from being solved with or without Mr Davis.”

Such a statement sends a warning to the citizens of the European Union…how dare you vote to leave us?

Mr Juncker seems to forget that the politicians in Britain are working to leave the European Union because they were instructed to do so by their people. His arrogance just accentuates his contempt for democracy and a vote of 17.4 million people, who are still citizens of the EU.