The top Brussels official at the centre of an EU sleaze probe last night insisted he won’t resign.

Martin Selmayr has faced calls to quit after a watchdog suggested laws were broken in order to fast-track him for promotion.

He was given the role of secretary-general of the EU Commission – the most senior civil service post in Brussels – in a way that ‘stretched and possibly even overstretched the limits of the law’.

But the official, Jean-Claude Juncker’s right-hand man in Brussels, was last night accused of ‘planetary-scale arrogance’ when he brazenly denied the fiasco was ’embarrassing’.

he German, nicknamed ‘The Monster’ by Mr Juncker for his ruthlessness, insisted that ‘no laws’ were broken when he was effectively promoted twice in ten minutes. Speaking to the Mail outside his smart apartment in central Brussels, he said: ‘Resign? I think resignations are for other people.’ Asked if it was embarrassing for him and Mr Juncker, who was found partly at fault in the investigation, he added: ‘I don’t think it is very embarrassing at all.
‘I think the European Union is in a strong position. We have a very good system for selecting senior officials.’ The 47-year-old lawyer added: ‘The European Union is on the basis of law and we’ll continue to be on the basis of law.
‘I’m a very qualified lawyer, that’s why I feel very confident. The European Commission has broken no laws.’