The EU’s top civil servant, and close friend to EU president Juncker was promoted ‘outside of the EU’s laws.’

Selmayr, who rose from relative obscurity before becoming the EU’s top civil servant, was the subject of an investigation after the EU commision and Juncker were accused of bypassing laws and procedures in order to give Selmayr the top job.

The investigation into the German’s promotion from Juncker’s chief of staff to Commission secretary-general “did not follow EU law, in letter or spirit, and did not follow the Commission’s own rules,” the office of the ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, said in a statement.

The statement said the ombudsman has “recommended that the Commission should develop a specific appointment procedure for its Secretary-General, separate from other senior appointments” and “it is highly regrettable that the Juncker Commission chose not to implement this recommendation. The Ombudsman looks forward to its implementation by the next Commission.”