The new bureaucratic boss of the EU has had some edits on his Wiki profile, no idea who was behind it…

It emerged last week that one of Juncker’s closest aids has been promoted to become the EU’s top civil servant.

Martin Selmayr will become the most important bureaucrat in Brussels, pocketing 20,000 Euros a month, despite having very little experience within the EU’s top tier.

Naturally, people weren’t happy; however what slipped under the radar was Selmayr’s ever-changing Wikipedia page; which has undergone some strange revisionism.

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The edits were all done via a mobile, and seem quite concerned with Brexit and the British press:

  • …Added that Selmayr has ‘consistently denied’ leaking details about the Brexit negotiations.

  • …credited Selmayr with working closely with Michel Barnier towards the ‘sufficient progress’ agreement on Brexit.
  • …removed a reference to Selmayr’s grandfather being convicted of ‘war crimes’ for his actions during the Second World War, adding that it’s the ‘British media’ which frequently mentions his grandfather’s service as a Lieutenant Colonel in the German army.