A new party which was vowed to overturn Brexit, will actively target remain MPs in a bid to get them to ‘reconsider their opinions.’

Renew Britain, which draws inspiration from France’s Macron, has dubbed itself the ‘military wing’ of the remain movement.

James Clarke, one of three “principals”, said plans to field candidates at the next general election would put pressure on sitting MPs to reconsider their position on Brexit.

“Some of the anti-Brexit pressure groups and movements are very, very much focused on asking people to pressure their local MP to have a second thought on Brexit,” Mr. Clarke said at the party’s launch on Monday morning.

“What we are is almost the more military arm of that movement, whereas we are actually standing candidates in seats to threaten those MPs that are not changing their minds, or are not standing up for the views of their constituents.”


We are fighting to fix the UK. For too long our Gov has failed to support & empower people of Britain. The time is now for ordinary people to achieve the extraordinary – people from outside politics to renew hope in UK politics. Join us. https://t.co/x3PMPbw9Ri

— Renew Britain (@Renew_Britain) 19 February 2018

Accountants, lecturers and musicians ‘speaking for the people’

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that a party which aims to speak for so many, is rather London, middle class-centric.

James Clarke, according to the website is:

‘A start-up strategy consultant who has worked as an educator, journalist, event manager and insurance underwriter in Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, the US and London. He holds an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and stood as an independent candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark at the 2017 General Election.’

James Torrance, another principle:

‘Is an accountant and London Business School MBA. He has worked in India, China and Northern Ireland and was a world champion in 2014 in competitive debating.’

Finally, Chris Coghlan: 

‘Is the chief operating officer of an African financial technology company and a former counter terrorism officer for the Foreign Office against ISIS.’

And the list of potential candidates doesn’t look too inclusive, either:

The party has attracted a lot of anti-democratic, middle class men

Lots of lawyers and professors make up the ranks for the party pretending to represent Britain