The vote to leave the European Union in June 2016 was a clear expression of the citizens of the United Kingdom to have our Parliament take back control over our laws, our money and our borders. It was a vote to regain the sovereignty and independence of our nation.

However, as the current Chequers proposals demonstrate, the current route taken towards our exit from the European Union does not deliver upon the result, including on matters concerning immigration.

The Chequers Plan is an evidently re-worded version of the existing freedom of movement framework which allows for continued visa free access and mobility to the UK for a great swathe of EU citizens and, provides no guarantee of reciprocation for UK citizens, nor the power to our Parliament to control numbers.

To make matters worse, Chequers not only offers the EU continued visa free access to the UK but indicates that such arrangements could be provided to trading partners outside of the EU. Simply stated, Chequers is free movement for everyone.

This is where Plan A+ comes in. It is a pragmatic and honest approach that will ensure the United Kingdom will have complete control over its borders, but sensibly recognises that our economy will require highly skilled workers to be part of Britain’s prosperous and independent future.

Under Plan A+, the UK will be fully removed from freedom of movement and will adopt a ‘skills-based policy, based on where our economy needs workers’.

The great advantage of this approach, not only in its respect to the referendum result, is that businesses can benefit from having the ability to employ the brightest and most skilled from across the world, and that government can better plan the provision of public services including healthcare and education.