Spain is asking the European Union for help to manage growing migration flows in the Mediterranean. The Spanish government has requested additional emergency aid from the European Commission, said a spokesperson for this EU institution on Monday.

Commission sources suggested there will be a positive response to the request, without providing details of the aid that might be extended. Spain is asking for money from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, which has set aside €3.1 billion for the 2014-2020 period for assistance to migrants and refugees.

Spain last received funds on July 2, when the EU sent €25.6 million to improve the migrant reception system in Ceuta and Melilla, two Spanish cities located on the northern coast of Africa that have recently seen a spike in arrivals from Morocco. The funds were also aimed at enhancing return strategies.

Moroccan requests

Besides listing its own demands, the Spanish government has added a list of requests from Morocco, a traditional ally in stemming migration flows into Europe. Sources at La Moncloa, the seat of Spanish government, admitted that for the last two years Rabat has been expecting greater financial support from the EU budget, which they estimated at around €30 million. Other sources raised that figure to €190 million.