The President of the European Council Donald Tusk helped drive the knife in the British Government’s Chequers plan, what happens next could be to the serious detriment of the EU.

The EU has long-since been trying to punish the UK; utilising negotiating tactics that are symbolic of an organisation fighting for its own survival. The EU’s modus operandi since the UK voted to leave, has been to send a message to smaller EU Member States; if we can punish the world’s 5th largest economy, we can punish you.

But the antics we have seen, are nothing short of a petulant child, screaming for more sweets. But perhaps the EU has now taken it one step too far.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has risked everything for her Chequers proposal; it lacks the backing of both Brexiteers and Remainers on both sides of politics, has consistently been labelled as “dead” and yet she has stuck to it in a manner akin to a captain hanging onto the steering wheel of a sinking ship.

Now, with a swift speech from EU leaders, some condescending Instagrams and an arrogant message from populist French leader Emmanuel Macron, The political leader of the United Kingdom is fighting to save her own authority.

The assault on the British Government’s plan came shortly yesterday after a lunchtime meeting of EU leaders in the Austrian city of Salzburg, where they discussed the Brexit talks in May’s absence. EU council president Tusk declared that Chequers “would not work” while French president Macron said it was “not acceptable”.

A combative Macron accused British Brexiteers of lying about how easy it would be to negotiate an exit from the EU on terms favourable to the UK.

“Those who explain that we can easily live without Europe, that everything is going to be alright, and that it’s going to bring a lot of money home are liars,” said Macron. “It’s even more true since they left the day after so as not to have to deal with it.”

Then there was this instagram post by President Tusk, which can only be labelled as public slap to the British Prime Minister:


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A piece of cake, perhaps? Sorry, no cherries. #brexit #salzburgsummit2018 #theresamay #donaldtusk #europeancouncil #europeanunion #euco

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But pushing back on the British Prime Minister is hardly anything new for the European Union. Donald Tusk regularly took former Prime Minister David Cameron to task as he tried to make the European union’s structure work for an increasingly Eurosceptic UK.

The result of Donald Tusk being consistently condescending to the British Prime Minister, was a vote for the UK to leave EU, a direct threat to the survival of the EU.

The EU is taking a very problematic gamble by continuing to play hard-ball with Theresa May. The British people may consider the succession of punches that took place yesterday as a step too far. It is clear we are now moving one step closer to a No Deal Brexit and the EU has only itself to blame.

The petulant and condescending behaviour that has been displayed, is nothing short of breathtaking. A foreign leader in the form of Emmanuel Macron to criticise those in another country for not voting the way he wanted them to, not only defies diplomatic etiquette but sends the message to those across Britain that the international political elite don’t care about them or how they vote.

The question now is, has the British Government been pushed too far. Perhaps it is time for the gloves to come off and defend Britain in the face of petulance and punishment.