As the politcal fallout continues to be felt after the Syria attacks last week, the EU has published six separate reports on where it stands on the issue.

As the conflict enters year eight, the EU has come under more scrutiny for its lack of cohesion on the subject, prompting a greater response this time around.

The reports key findings blame the Syrian regime for abusing human rights and using chemical weapons; it falls short of offering any solutions, instead claiming “more must be done.”

Syrian government to blame:

The Syrian regime bears the overwhelming responsibility for the catastrophic humanitarian situation and the suffering of the Syrian people.

No military solution:

The European Union reiterates that there can be no military solution to the Syrian conflict. Contrary to this, since last year, the Syrian regime, supported by its allies Russia and Iran, has intensified its military operations without regard for civilian casualties. The EU condemns in the strongest terms all attacks, both deliberate and indiscriminate, against civilian populations, and civilian infrastructure, hospitals and schools.


The protection of civilians is a legal obligation, a moral duty, as well as a matter of urgency. Contamination by explosive devices also causes grave concerns. The EU remains committed to saving lives and alleviating suffering by addressing the needs of the most vulnerable persons across the country.

The future for Syria:

Syria’s destiny lies in peace, democracy, equal citizenship and the rule of law. The European Union will continue to work for this with determination and with consistency, for the Syrian people. The EU will continue to work with Syrian civil society, as essential stakeholders in an inclusive process, to promote democracy and human rights in support of peace and stability in Syria.

Read the reports here.