UK Prime Minister Theresa May spoke in Belfast today about her plans for the Norther Irish Border when the UK leaves the EU. The fact that the border has become such an issue, lies only at the hands of the European Union.

The European Union initially claimed that Brexit will create a hard border between Northern Ireland the Republic of Ireland because it says it should be able to check the quality of goods coming through to the barriers of the bloc.

However, maintaining both the Good Friday Agreement and trade relations with the EU is so important to the UK Government that in December last year, it was agreed that in any scenario, no hard border would ever be required.

Leo Varadkar, the Irish Taoiseach has recently claimed he has assurances from the EU that, in the event of no-deal, Brussels would not require Dublin to place “physical infrastructure and customs checks on the Border”.

Clearly, all sides are in agreement. There should be no hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Commission sources continue to brief media that the EU is using the threat of dividing the border as a negotiating tool.

The EU’s real prize is convincing the UK to fold and stay entirely within the customs union and single market.

If the UK was sensible, it would recognise that the border issue is nothing more than smoke and mirrors conjured by Commission officials. The UK should walk away, it’s border intact and deliver a full Brexit that gives no concessions to the EU.