Blair is back on the Brexit war path

It was undeniably fun while it lasted.

In came new Labour all those years ago, doing away with the stuffy conservatism that had ruled for so long – in came cool Britannia, a better, younger way of doing things.

It sort of worked, as well.

Yes Blair became older, more interested in war, more interested in deeper EU federalism, but overall he was the right man for the job.

Three election landslides and being able to schedule his own departure was testament to the mans political talents.

And then there’s Blair 2.0

Akin to a guest who was invited for the weekend but is still raiding the fridge on Wednesday night; Blair’s still lurking, and becoming more and more tiresome.

After Labour announced it wants parliament to have a greater say on the Brexit deal, Blair will say in a speech today:

It is this strategy that Parliament has a duty to foil.

“It has demanded a ‘meaningful vote.’ The vote is only meaningful if it is on a proposition which allows us to know with precision what our future path looks like before we take it.”

In June 2016, 52% voted to leave the EU.

That’s democracy, Tony.

Going against them is going against democracy.

But Tony no longer cares.  A fully fledged member of the political elite, he knows better than us, and will continue to go against democracy until the vote is the one he agrees with.