Juncker and Trump are meeting today in an attempt to overcome the trade war both sides are embroiled in – with both men uncertain what can be achieved.

Juncker has spent all week managing expectations, while Trump has claimed on twitter that tariffs – the bone of contention between America and the EU are ‘great.’

Juncker said: “I am not very optimistic. I know Mr Trump pretty well. I have met him frequently and know how to deal with him and know how he deals with others. We will negotiate as equals,” Mr Juncker told German public broadcaster ZDF.

Mr Juncker said that the EU is “not in the dock – we don’t need to defend ourselves.

“We are here to explain ourselves and explore ways to avoid a trade war,” he said.

President Trump has described the European Union as a foe of the United States and has accused the EU of taking advantage of America on trade.