In a move which is set to anger Brexiters, the UK government is mulling a proposal to the EU which is, ‘very similar to the current freedom of movement arrangement.’

In a report published by The Independent, the government looks set to offer the deal at the next round of meetings which relate to EU nationals in June.

UK negotiators would like to put the proposal forward to coincide with a European Council summit in June, in a bid to break a deadlock in Brexit talks.

The plan would see a high level of access to the UK for EU citizens in the future, but would leave the British government power to halt it in certain circumstances.

According to the report: ‘News of the offer planned by British officials has been corroborated by sources in Whitehall and Brussels and would form a key part of the prime minister’s efforts to lock the EU into a deal on future relations.

‘A British government insider said: “Civil servants have been looking at how to give talks some momentum and dealing with this issue is a way to do it.”

‘The Independent understands that the offer would mean European citizens coming into the UK after Brexit would benefit from visa-free travel.

They would then be able to gain the right to work in the UK under a new status that would be distinct for people arriving from the EU.’